Who am I?

My name's Euan and I have recently graduated from Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen doing a BA (Hons) in Communication Design.

About me...

Currently based in Scotland, but also available for worldwide projects. Photography is one of my biggest interests and, ideally, I would love to pursue photography for a living. I've always enjoyed travelling and being able to document what I see with a camera, whether it's a cheap, disposable film camera, a Polaroid, or a Nikon DSLR. Please get in touch via e-mail, Facebook or Instagram if you like my work.


Below you will see my final chosen images from my Hons year, where I have mainly focused on architecture (specifically Brutalism) for my final year of study, as well as a small promotional/editorial shoot with a musician friend of mine (Amber Eden). Thank you.


Past, Present and Future...


The Ship's Photographer

This was my first job in photography, after graduating with my HND in 2016. Based on P&O Cruises' MV Ventura for 3 months, I undertook a contract for a Southampton based company called The Ship's Photographer Ltd. The job, as the name suggests, involved working as part a team of 12 photographers. Our main duties involved photographing passengers in an array of different settings and times of day (e.g. photographing passengers during disembarkation at ports, as well as formal black-tie dinner portraits in the evening.) The job was incredibly challenging, both physically and mentally, but equally rewarding when I received praise for my work from both passengers and fellow team members.

Gray's School of Art

After leaving my job with The Ship's Photographer, I was confused as to what to do next with my life and my career. Ultimately, I decided to finish my education and headed back to Aberdeen in 2018 to study for my BA (Hons) in Communication Design, which I completed last summer. I'm very happy that I chose to attend Gray's School of Art, as studying here has helped me to further explore what my photographic interests are, as well as learn about other aspects of visual communication, such as graphic design.

Future Prospects

Ideally, I would like to continue to work in photography, whether as a full-time photographer employed by another photographic company or agency, as a freelance photographer with my own business, or as a side business. Ultimately, for a living, I would love to specialise in travel and events photography, but I am also interested in digital media in general and would like to gain more knowledge and experience in marketing and advertising, as these skills would definitely be beneficial if I were to become self-employed. 




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